Hub - Annual activity checker email & process

As you know keeping group records up to date is a challenge. We have developed an annual 'activity checker' function with funding from Transition Together.

We are in the process of enabling this on a per-hub basis so the global figures do not yet represent the full extent of the movement.

The process is:

Activity checker is currently enabled on

London & South East

England & Wales* 





No-hub areas

Réseau Transition Suisse romande






We are seeking agreement to turn it on for the other hubs.

If you would like to turn on the activity checker for your hub;

1) Join the Hubs Group space if you haven't already (this grants you access to the document below)

2) Check the translated text of the email add your preferred text if required.

3) Submit a message using this form requesting the feature is turned on


English version of the email

 Please update #post_name#

Hello #post_name#

We are emailing you because you are listed as an official contact for a Transition group. We want to make sure that your group’s information is up-to-date, and we have the correct contact details for you.

For years, has been the place to go to find Transition groups and get involved - This information is vital to ensure we can contact you about training and other opportunities, and to understand our movement and how to best support groups.

This process should take you less than five minutes.

If your Transition group is still active, or you would like to delete the record to stop these reminder emails:

If you do not click 'save' we do not know that your group still exists and we'll continue to send these reminder emails until the button is pressed, or you delete your group.

If you have any questions - reply to this email..


Sam Rossiter and the Transition Network team


*Due to the historical context of Transition Network having held some hub functions in the UK there is an anomaly of 'England and Wales' being represented on the map as a hub, when in fact it is not yet a formal hub. We have done our best to represent this as an anomaly. We hope and anticipate that a hub will emerge in England and Wales soon. 

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